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16 Sep 2021

Online via Zoom



COP26 Workshop: Building Transformational Pathways to Adaptation in Eastern Africa

Online event organized by the British Institute in Eastern Africa (BIEA)

Communities at the forefront of the climate change challenge are those located in areas where there remains a strong reliance on natural resources yet are also experiencing pressures from agricultural expansion, land privatisation, and habitat fragmentation driven by large-scale investments, infrastructure developments and even conservation initiatives. These multiple challenges influence livelihood strategies and shape potential adaptation pathways as climate change and enhanced climate variability coincide with rapid land-use transformation. This workshop brings together a diverse range of scholars and stakeholders involved in different cross-disciplinary projects in eastern Africa spanning the environmental and social sciences and the humanities to explore examples of successful adaptation strategies, the role of research in enabling transformation and building resilience, and identifying key knowledge and training gaps that need to be addressed to equip the next generation of researchers with the interdisciplinary skills for developing regionally and locally appropriate responses to current climate-driven challenges.

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