30 Mär 2023 - 31 Mär 2023

swisspeace | Kasernenhof 8 | 4058 Basel



swisspeace course: Climate Change, Natural Resources & Conflicts (on-site, 2 days)

Continuing education course

This course explores how climate change and related international and national policies impact conflicts. The course sets off with an introduction to the key economic, political, and social concepts that have served to hypothesize and investigate the causal linkages between natural resources and conflicts. Next, we look at the technological and policy drivers of Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHGs) since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution and explore the foundations of global and climate policies with emphasis on the more recent developments that have taken place since the 2015 Paris Agreement was reached. Bringing together these two discussions, we explore, reflect upon, and discuss which regions and countries are affected and how, and how different stakeholders might be able to contribute to addressing climate-induced conflicts. 

For further information, please contact academy@clutterswisspeace.ch

Application Deadline: 31 January 2023.

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