08 Mai 2023 - 12 Mai 2023

swisspeace | Kasernenhof 8 | 4058 Basel



swisspeace course: National Dialogue & Peace Mediation (on-site, 5 days)

Continuing education course

Today’s peace processes are highly complex, as currently seen in Syria, Yemen and South Sudan. Peace mediation and national dialogues are widely recognized as two relevant avenues for the peaceful settlement of conflicts. Peace mediation processes are assisted negotiation processes, often with limited participation and a focus on questions of power-sharing. National dialogues, in contrast, aim to provide a space to discuss a broader range of issues relevant to the wider society, expand participation beyond political and military elites and (re)build relations among different actors. Nevertheless, the two concepts are closely interlinked as national dialogues can be set up before, during or after peace mediation processes.

For further information, please contact academy@clutterswisspeace.ch

Application Deadline: 31 March 2023.

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