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Publication: Women and Photography in Africa: Creative Practices and Feminist Challenges


The collection "Women and Photography in Africa" edited by Lorena Rizzo, Darren Newbury and Kylie Thomas draws on recent conceptual and methodological developments in photographic scholarship.

The book includes chapters by Tina Barouti; Rachel Ama Asaa Engmann; Dora Carpenter-Latiri; Inês Vieira Gomes; Tessa Lewin; Biddy Partridge; Nomusa Makhubu; Jessica Williams; Anna Rocca; Marietta Kesting; Lorena Rizzo; and Tina Smith and Jenny Marsden. The individual case studies evidence photography’s multiple iterations across the continent, in North Africa, West Africa and Southern Africa, including Anglophone, Francophone and Lusophone contexts; and they speak to an overall interest in refining understandings of the historical and contemporary relationship between gender and photography.

The book begins to map the history and critical role of women and non-binary photographers, white and Black, in establishing photography and photographic practices in Africa, and attests to how the work of African women and non-binary photographers is slowly, but steadily, moving out of the shadows of history.

Newbury D., Rizzo L. and Thomas K. (eds.) (2020) Women and Photography in Africa: Creative Practices and Feminist Challenges. London: Routledge.