Noemi Steuer


Noemi Steuer is a social anthropologist working as a senior researcher at the Centre for African Studies. From 2013-2018 she was the coordinator of the research project 'Construire son Avenir' and headed the communication project 'Longing for the Future'. Currently she coordinates IDEAS, a cooperation project between the universities of Bamako, Conakry and Basel. Additionally, she is also engaged in managing and scientifically consulting theatre projects in many parts of Africa.


Noemi Steuer studied Africanistic at the University of Cologne (B.A.) and completed her M.A. in Basel at the Seminar for Social Anthropology. In her PhD-research she focused on different forms of social recognition and secrecy in the context of HIV and antiretroviral therapies in Mali.

Focus in research/ teaching
  • West Africa (Mali)
  • Anthropology of Youth
  • Academic Life Histories
  • Generations
  • Uncertainty
  • Social Recognition


  • Noemi Steuer & Laszlo Kish 2005. Une maladie qui gâte le nom. Portraits von HIV/AIDS Betroffenen in Mali. Dokumentarfilm (22 min). IAMANEH Schweiz.

Theatre Productions
  • Staging Times (2019), Bujumbura, Lilongwe and Ouagadougou 
  • Hunger for Trade (2013/14), i.a. Schauspielhaus Hamburg 
  • Verdi's Requiem (2011), Opera Cologne
  • Le pays où on fabrique l’argent (2010), Bamako